What is Dogenality?

Behavioral psychology is the key to transforming the relationship and connection between you and your dog. Just like humans, dogs have individualized traits and characteristics, as well as their own motivations and values. What if you could dive inside your dog’s head and see the world through his or her eyes? If you could learn what exactly drives your dog and makes him or her tick? By discovering and learning about your dog’s true Dogenality, while balancing it with your own personality, a new level of understanding and connection can be reached. Your form of communication becomes one that he or she will naturally be in tune with and intuitively understand. The chemistry that exists between you and your dog is one of the most important components when developing a happy, healthy relationship. Dogenality is your first step in the right direction.

Our philosophy revolves around your dog’s temperament and energy level, coupled with your very own Dogenality quiz and optional DNA testing. Through the course of our program, you’ll learn the things you’ve always wished to know about your dog, as well as the correct way to go about your training and forming a relationship with him or her like never before. Imagine having a dog that could speak to you. One that could tell you how they feel, what they think, and how they see the world. Dogenality gives you the most pure picture of who your dog is.

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Identify & learn everything about your dog’s specific Dogenality.

Energy Levels

Distinguish & observe your dog’s energy level to coincide with his or her Dogenality.

Canine DNA Testing

Discover your dog’s genetic roots for a more defined Dogenality.

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