We stumble upon many different Dogenalities amongst the various dogs that we work with. Each form is specific to the way that a dog behaves & the characteristics that they exhibit. The descriptions below give you an idea of how dogs are categorized & what each Dogenality represents.

Left Brain Introvert – Sofa Spud

Within every pack of dogs, it is very common to find an individual that presents a certain level of confidence. Sofa Spuds are usually lazy dogs that are easy-going and need a bit of motivation. They can be described as the stoic dogs within a pack. These types of dogs are often friendly with other dogs and people, however, may be quite stubborn in different situations. Sofa Spud dogs are common in Asian dog breeds.

• Confident & Lazy

• Friendly With Others

• Can Be Stubborn

• Often Have a Stoic Persona

• May Need Motivation

Right Brain Introvert – Status Seeker

The Status Seeker is usually referred to as the introvert of the pack or family. You can usually spot a Status Seeker by their “wilted flower look”. Most of the time, they are prone to avoiding confrontation. These dogs may explode when pushed beyond their natural threshold. Being a Status Seeker means they may sometimes bully the weak, sick, and old dogs within a pack. They tend to look for things that make them feel empowered.

• Introverted

• Avoid Confrontation

• May Explode When Pushed

• Sometime Bully the Weak, Sick, and Old

• Often Look Like a “Wilted Flower”

Left Brain Extrovert – Socialite

The Socialites are usually seen as the extroverts of the dog world. They can be described as the happy-go-lucky type and can sometimes be quite playful & excitable. They love greeting new dogs and tend to say hello to everyone when they’re out and about, due to their busy nature. Socialites are quick learners and possess great athleticism. These dogs usually exhibit very relaxed and wiggly body language. Along with these friendly characteristics, they can sometimes be a bit too forward and pushy.

• Happy-Go-Lucky

• Relaxed & Wiggly Body Language

• Very Social With Dogs and People

• Can Be Pushy

• Playful & Excitable

• Quick Learner

Right Brain Extrovert – Nervous Nelly

It’s not too difficult to spot a Nervous Nelly within a pack. These dogs are usually quite sensitive, especially in reference to loud noises and men. They can be startled very easily and are often afraid of new things and environments that they aren’t accustomed to, which may lead to panicked behaviors. Nervous Nellies are not as outgoing as other dogs, and may exhibit different forms of fearfulness, aggressiveness, and anxiety, such as lunging.

• Sensitive

• Easily Startled

• Afraid of New Things & Places

• Sometimes Aggressive & Fearful

• Easily Panicked

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