Your dog scored Left Brain Extrovert (LBE).

LBE’s are expressive, bold, and social. They’re the social butterflies of the dog world. LBE’s know no stranger, but their energy level can sometimes be too much for some dogs and people, which may cause problems.

LBE’s tend to be dominate when around other dogs, and sometimes with people, if allowed. Confident can also mean bossy or pushy. They are playful, active, and have lots of strong energy.

Balanced LBE’s love greeting new dogs and try to say hello to everyone when they’re out and about, due to their busy nature.

LBE’s not only seek exercise, they need it. Otherwise, they become obnoxious with excess energy that can be unhealthy. Bored dogs make poor choices. Plan lots of activities that involve work, movement, and exploring. Without a proper outlet, they may develop behavior problems.


When training your LBE, do:

  • Set appropriate boundaries
  • Be an athlete with your LBE. Lots of exercise.
  • Provide an assortment of activities
  • Be sure to give positive reinforcement.
  • Satisfy their DNA. What were they bred for?
  • Get out into Nature!


When training your LBE, don’t:

  • Greet excitedly. Encourages jumping and hyperactivity.
  • Forget daily exercise
  • Reward overly excited behavior
  • Give up!


LBE dogs are friendly and high energy. They take the leadership role if allowed. Learn to manage your LBE’s high energy and strong behaviors. You’ll have an active, fun, and true friend for life. Frustrated LBE’s form behavior problems.

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