Your dog scored Left Brain Introvert (LBI).

LBI’s are confident and low energy. These characteristics make for a very self-assured and confident companion. They can come across as stubborn.

LBI dogs are often friendly with other dogs and people, but they are not afraid to set some boundaries. You’ll enjoy the easy-going nature of your LBI dog and its stoic persona.

LBI’s probably won’t initiate exercise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. Be sure to plan walks and exercise accordingly. LBI’s tend to be food hounds.


When training your LBI, do:

  • Set appropriate boundaries
  • Provide daily walks and exploration
  • Find what motivates them
  • Be sure to give positive reinforcements to behaviors you approve of.
  • Encourage Encourage Encourage!


When training your LBI, don’t:

  • Get angry, frustrated, or anxious about lack of willingness
  • Force or push
  • Become inactive
  • Reinforce unwanted behaviors
  • Overfeed


LBI’s are confident and low key. Sometimes they seem stubborn, but mostly unmotivated. You have to show them what’s in it for them. Find what they love and give them encouragement. Provide ample time for work and exploration. Be your dog’s best friend and teacher, and you’ll lave a loyal companion for life.

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