Your dog scored Right Brain Introvert (RBI).

RBI’s are nervous and low energy. These dogs make for a lovable companion that likes to be alone with you and is fairly quiet. RBI’s can be described as easy-going and loyal within the bounds of their family.

You’ll enjoy the quiet nature of your RBI and their willingness to be content with being a bit lower maintenance. Most of the time, they are prone to avoiding confrontation. However, they may freeze when nervous. Then they may explode with a snap or bite when pushed beyond their natural threshold.

Just because your RBI dog doesn’t seek exercise, doesn’t mean activity isn’t needed. Be sure to go for walks and exercise even when your dog appears to want to lay around all day.

RBI’s are fearful with strangers, especially new men, and will bark or even growl out of fear. They may try to hide or cave under furniture.  Others will avoid by leaving the room or area.

RBI dogs need a lot of motivation to work for and with you. They are nervous and unmotivated. Find what they love. Bring lots of positivity. You can get away with being more excited with RBI’s. They need more encouragement to work for you. Not too much excites them except food. They tend to be big food hounds.


When training your RBI, do:

  • Find what motivates your dog. “What’s in it for me?”
  • Control strangers to create a positive experience.
  • Get creative. Broaden your activities. RBI’s get bored easily.
  • Encourage Encourage Encourage!
  • Try scenting games with food
  • Get out into Nature!


When training your RBI, don’t:

  • Allow strangers to enter their space. Don’t look, talk or pet!
  • Allow others to try to engage right away.  Only when they are comfortable.
  • Get angry, frustrated, or anxious
  • Reinforce fearful behaviors through petting/affection


RBI’s are quiet and low energy. They can get scared by strangers and will be comforted by your confidence, teachings, and leadership. Be your dog’s best friend and teacher, and you’ll have a loyal companion for life.

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