Your dog scored Right Brain Extrovert (RBE).

RBE’s will lack confidence in new or uncomfortable situations and be very energetic. They are sensitive to anything and anyone new. RBE’s are easily startled by the slightest change in their surroundings. They are very sound sensitive.

RBE dogs are not very people oriented, but are demanding regarding affection or attention from their family or pack. Their energy needs an outlet. It’s important that RBE’s get sufficient amounts of both physical and mental exercise, along with positive socializing.

RBE’s are fearful with strangers, especially new men and will bark and become hyperactive. Some will run and hide. Others will bark and charge or lunge. They are normally fearful when out of their homes. RBE’s may have many seemingly irrational fears. If they have a high territorial drive, you may have a very difficult time bringing new people into your home.

When RBE’s feel safe, they’re warm and friendly with their family in the cocoon of the house. They can learn to follow you through the world and to become more confident and happy when they’re out with you. This will give them more freedom in their life.


When training your RBE, do:

  • Be confident, positive, and gentle
  • Give lots of structure
  • Provide lots of mental and physical exercise
  • Get out into Nature!


When training your RBE, don’t:

  • Allow strangers in dogs space. Don’t Look, Talk, or Pet!
  • Forget to work in daily exercise
  • Get angry, frustrated or anxious
  • Don’t reinforce fearful behavior through petting/affection


RBE’s are sensitive and possess lots of energy. They can get easily scared by strangers and will be comforted by your confident guidance, teachings, and leadership. Be your dog’s best friend and teacher, and you’ll have a loyal companion for life.

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